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The Ward Protector

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Note: Ordering elements may differ in size, color and appearance from the displayed image; but its purpose will remain the same as described above. The photographs are for illustrative purposes only, the actual carriers are different from the lot to the lot.

Author's Ward of protective magic. Made of stone Tiger's eye
with the application of rune protection.
It is executed in an individual variant - Repetition is possible.

The application of the runes enhances the protective properties of the stone and creates a protective field around the wearer.
Defender Protector is designed to protect the carrier from various kinds of negative magical or magical effects.
Runic formula NAUTHIZ - RAIDO - NAUTHIZ "Protection from Witchcraft"
The tiger's eye is a unique stone with a very powerful energy.
It protects its owner from illnesses, dark forces, dangers and unpleasant life circumstances.

Джандаль Рабах 29.06.2018, 16:09
Благодарю Виктан вы мне так памог! Я очень рад купил этат Оберег! На мой делал порча сильный шаман и я много носил болезни. Теперь пачистился от порча и купил этат защитный Оберег и очень харашо меня чуствую! Шаман теперь не может дать меня порча!
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